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Drones with Video Camera

Best Beginner Drones with Video Camera

Drone, these are mini aircraft that controlled by remotely which is some serious invention. Nowadays they become familiar and they have used in many industry platforms for various purpose. Some of the drones are costly because of competition for manufacturing it.

Drones can also be used to entertainment because it has a video camera in it and some of the drones have gesture control which makes us even quicker to take pictures and capture the beautiful moment in the video also. These are the five drones which will give you the best experience and fit your pocket so that you take it anywhere you want.


Extreme Fliers Micro drone

It is the most economically designed drone it has four rotors, and this micro drone has 360 rotating cameras. This micro drone cost you around 99$.

Walkera QR infra x Smart drone

This drone is also a very economical drone and can cost you 130$. It has ten sensors make impossible to colliding with objects and also has two ultrasonic altitude sensors to adjust the height when it is advancing in the air.

R.A. Parrot Drone 2.0

It is the best drone you can buy today because you can control it with smartphones, tablets in both IOS and android platform and also it has HD camera which sends you the live images to your device, which will make it easier to stream live actions and take pictures.

You can also buy interchangeable parts of a drone to change the parts if you get any damage or you want to personalize it. Its cost is 299$.

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DJI Phantom GPS drone

This drone has an extended frequency radio control with the range of 300 meters and also has a high quality camera. It can take pictures like semi-pro level and the cost value of this drone is 700$.

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