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Long Tail Pro VS Market Samurai: Detail Comparison

If youre a true SEO, then you dont need an introduction to keyword research, thats the backbone of any website, app or video. Those who start their sites without it are just wasting their time; they should better find a clerk job. Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai are keyword research tools that tell each and everything about keywords.

After reading on some SEO related forums and Facebook groups, I came to know that people need a comparison of these two tools eagerly. Wrong opinions over internet and lots of promotional links are wasting SEOs money, so Im not going to do the same here.

Lets start a comparison of Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai.

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro: Ive done keyword research with long tail pro, and it pulls thousands of keywords in just a few minutes, it is fast and rapidly brings keywords from Google keyword planner. The time it takes is because of keyword planner because Google planner loads a bit slower. You just need to put your keyword in it, and it will bring relevant long tail keywords for you.

Market Samurai: I added the same keyword in its keyword finder tool, and it took more than 10 minutes to bring the keywords. Frankly speaking, its as slow as hell. I dont know what background processes its running, but I find its speed sh*t. The outcome was OK and found nothing extraordinary.


Competition Check

Long Tail Pro: It takes data from Moz, and it has a significant problem; Moz is slow in updating backlinks and also their domain authoritys calculation isnt factual. I never rely on it because IMO Moz misses more than 50% of backlinks to any domain. Also, you have to integrate Moz API key with long tail pro to analyse competition.

Market Samurai: SEO competition feature of Market Samurai is remarkable, it takes data from Majestic.com, and thats a good metric currently. It shows backlinks count, the number of referring domains, domains trust flow and citation flow. Moreover, it finds referring Edu and Gov backlinks and also analyzes on-page SEO of the ranking page.

Domain Availability

Its a relevancy signal for Google if your domain contains your keyword, but EMDs or keyword domains are harmful to SEO now because of Googles EMD update. But a keyword plus brand domain is a good option for every SEO.

Long Tail Pro: It checks for available domains that include your keyword, but I have felt that it brings lots of EMDs in it data and if you want to survive in the long term then stay away from them.

Market Samurai: I found great brand + keyword domains with this tool, it also shows EMDs but not less in numbers as compared to long tail pro.

Bulk Volume Checks

Long Tail Pro: Google keyword planner has a cap of 800 keywords if youre checking search volume in bulk. With long tail pro, you can check up to 10k keywords search volume. It takes a little more time than usual but the outcome is awesome.

Market Samurai: It works in the same way like long tail pro. But its a bit slow in pulling search volume from Google keyword planner.

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Other Features

Long Tail Pro:

  • Global and local search volumes of keywords
  • Google and Bing title competition
  • Suggested bids and advertisers competition.

Market Samurai:

  • Find affiliate products and generate dynamic ads
  • Content scraper that scrapes content from other websites
  • Auto content publisher for WordPress blogs.


Our primary focus is keyword research with these tools, but market samurai fails in it though its other features are better than long tail pro, but those are secondary, we cant buy it just because of these characteristics. In my opinion, long tail pro is the winner because its keyword research is better than market samurai. Moreover, long tail pro has excellent support services, and they update it eventually while I dont see any significant updates in market samurai and the developer doesnt bother to release new updates for years.

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