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Pros And Cons Of Privatisation In Education Sector

Pros And Cons Of Privatisation In Education Sector

Like other socially important industries that have a great role to play in alleviating the lifestyle standard and overall social progress education sector is also now one of the key areas that fetch the interest of private investment in a huge proportion. In relating the pros and cons of privatization in education sector we must acknowledge the growth and development of whole education sector in the past few decades thanks to the massive interest taken by industrialists and investors.

There are various contributory factors behind their involvement in the education sector. The most important of all modern research initiatives require huge research apparatus and the fund is a great area of concern this initiatives which cannot be satisfactorily fulfilled by government fund as we have seen in numerous instances.

Secondly, professional exposure of the students and their job security in coming out of a college program is a concerning area now that cannot be overlooked by today’s institutions and for career exposure and streamlining the talent from the professional education to the job responsibilities big private companies always served as a viable resort.

Similarly, in relation to our description of pros and cons of privatization in the education sector, we can name some important negative factors that would affect the human knowledge and knowledge gathering process for unmemorable time to come.

privatization in education sector

Pros of privatization in education sector

  1. Privatization made education more professionally focused. Today higher education in any technical discipline is truly focused on the job responsibilities or job challenges and the areas of improvement in relation to that.
  2. Privatization made the student more equipped in handling the practical challenges, unlike the time when the student had to learn practical areas of the application after joining a job. Now for a student to get focused means learning academic principles along with practical challenges as well. Nowadays you all can buy university degrees from accredited college through online.
  3. Privatization made education sector as a whole to grow in numerous dimensions as professional disciplines and job oriented challenges in different industry segments are getting an inroad into education.
  4. From a student’s perspective privatization made their chances of placement and career exposure more wide and varied.
  5. Privatization made research a gigantic area of educational output. Today great many crucial research initiatives all over the world are happening with partnering professionals from big companies as well as educational institutions.

 Cons of privatization in education sector

  1. Due to privatization academic focus in the study has largely spoiled as privatization in education is mostly concerned about making the education and knowledge work for their industrious goals.
  2. For students career, opportunity and career growth became more important than educational excellence. This overarching professional focus in the education sector is making students no more interested to deliver themselves in path finding research on their own.
  3. With privatization in education cost of higher education is rising beyond proportion and as a result of that, it is creating more social inequality between the economic classes.
  4. Privatization in the education sector is more focused on using the research output for their definitive output in products and services, rather than making the research work for overall social welfare and social progress.

The pros and cons of privatization in the education sector as mentioned above exemplifies various crucial social issues in relation to the role of private companies in our educational sector.


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